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The Coaster People is a specialist and supplier of absorbent European pulpboard drink coasters / beermats in Singapore. 


At The Coaster People, we believe that coasters are a fundamental touchpoint between your brand and customers. Therefore we offer quality coasters with quick turnaround for your business needs. 


With over 20 years of combined experience in the industry, we know that quality is a key component of the dining experience. As such, we use only food-grade quality, European pulpboard in all our coasters. 


Let us be the one to help you enhance your brand and craft that unique touchpoint.

About Us


At The Coaster People,

our standard coasters are:


Size : 90mm / 95mm

Thickness : 1mm / 2mm

Material : European Virgin Pulp board, FSC certified, Environmentally Sustainable; Sustainability Managed & HACCP (Food Management Safety Principle) compliant 

Shapes : Circle or Square with round edges

Minimum Order Quantity : 5,000pcs / 1 Carton

Lead Time : 8 - 12 working days*


Notes: Our pulpboard is absorbent, when printed on, the finish print is uncoated and matte. 


Whilst The Coaster People ensures all effort will be made to achieve your colour specifications, vibrancy of colours may vary due to the pulpboard's absorbency.


Have a specific request? Please do not hesitate to CONTACT US to find out more. 


Looking for some inspiration? Head over to our COASTER GALLERY for a look at some of our completed work.


Coaster Gallery




Custom printing of Grease Proof Paper to suit your outlet's needs. Food Safe, Legal Wood Source and Biodegradeable.


 Tray liner, Burger / Sandwich Wrapper etc.

Standard size of :

1. Up to 20cm x 20cm

2. Up to 24cm x 24cm

3. Up to 30cm x 30cm

Printing is up to 2 Colour.



What is Pulp Board?

Pulp Board is THE material for coasters with it unparalleled ability to absorb liquid.

At The Coaster People we only use European Food Grade Pulpboard and printed with food grade inks that adhere to European standards. This renders our coasters to be fully recyclable and biodegradable.

Pulp Board is designed specifically for the manufacturing of drink coasters. It often happens that other paper products are sometimes substituted for coasterboard. These products are easy to spot as they tend to fall apart very quickly when any moisture is introduced or they are laminated and coated leaving them with no absorbency at all. 

Choose wisely, choose The Coaster People.

Contact us 

Tel: +65 9722 3439

Thank you! We will get back to you as soon as possible!

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